Monday, August 10, 2009

happy birthday little guy

Young Westley turns the big 5 this week. He couldn't be more excited. When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he asked for pizza, popcorn, black juice (root beer), and cupcakes. We had a great time eating and playing all day.

Hanging out outside.
Playing with water balloons.
Water Trampoline.
Holly wants to know if you're opening a snack.
Playing with play doh.
Making our own pizzas.
Pizza and root beer goood.
PJ's and cupcakes. Who could ask for more?
Trying to ignore the laundry in the background.
Chowing down. Isn't that lovely?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

great weekend

(as always, names are omitted or changed for the sake of the public blog)

We just had a fabulous weekend. I got to meet one of my 1st cousins and her family for the very first time. I was playing around a bit with the computer to see if I could make the blog a bit more dynamic so bear (bare?) with me. My slide show didn't turn out very well for my first time so I included the pictures as well.

My cousin invited us to a family reunion in Tennessee with her husband's side of the family.

First we stopped off in Scottsboro for The Home Depot kids' project. In Tennessee, we spent the day eating, drinking, and playing games. Much fun was had by all.

Sunday, my cousin's family came to spend the day with us. We got to see some sites around northern Alabama. Their kids were a hoot and we can't wait to go visit them in Boston.


Reading the directions before building.
A boat ride with our new found family.
Westley loved the little doggies.
My beautiful cousin, her husband, The Walrus, Westley, and I.

Westley made a new friend (cousin's step son) with the same name so, we'll call him Westley too. Sorry older Westley!

Cousin and her husband.
Cousin, hubby, older Westley, and we'll call the other son Skywalker.
Older Westley and Skywalker found the way to the cliffs on the other side.
He doesn't really love Ben.
The cliff on the other side with older Westley up top.

Skywalker rock walking.
They're friends. Young Westley really liked hanging out with older Westley and Skywalker.
Being subjected to Cow and Chicken. Sorry cous and fam!