Thursday, March 10, 2011

a day in the life of a 6 year old

Him: What does "at least" mean? Who made this gas pump? How did the numbers get in there? Why is that factory smoking? We burn coal for our electricity? What's that smell? What's a landfill? We put our trash in the earth? What are traffic lights made of? Is Clifford real or make believe? Can real dogs be red? What does fabulous mean? What does fantastic mean? When we were at the UPS store and you dropped those peanuts, were you littering? Litterers are bad. Are you bad mommy? That's ok, it was an accident. Why did you get a coke? Soft drinks don't help you grow. Do strawberries help you grow? Good cuz they're yummy. I really want to read The Grinch who Stole Christmas. What's a grinch? Why does he have red eyes? What does evil mean? Does he stay evil? Oh so he learned? Can motorcycles hurt you? What are airbags? Well, that's dangerous because then you can't see while you're driving. Did this used to be a dirt road? How did they make a road on top of a dirt road? What's asphalt? Who makes it? Did you forget to walk the doggies? Earlier my elbow just tooted.

ME: I'm sending you to Grandpa George for a week. He has much better answers. And when is Grammy & Grampy coming again?