Friday, December 30, 2011

catchup pics

Apparently, I haven't updated this in awhile. Click on any picture to bring up a slideeshow. Here's some highlights over the past few no particular order:

Having fun at the fall county fair.

Watching Tv together.

Blowing our own glass ornaments.

Performing a Random Act of Kindness by donating treats to the ASPCA.

Love to climb. Now. How do I get down?

Didn't you know storm troopers drive Dodges when they're on Earth?

All I want for Christmas is my last front tooth!

Baking Gingerbread cookies for Santa.

Hope Santa's hungry, that's a big'un.

Channeling My Name is Earl.

Oh no you don't Maggie.

Good times.

Enjoying their new toys. Thanks GrammyGrampy!


Oh yeah!

How'd you know GrammyGrampy?

Awwww. Good children.

Our finished ornaments. Hot Pink is Daddy's, blue/green is Buttercup's, the giraffe is Westley's and Jade is Mommy's.

Buttercup modeling pajama pants and headphones bought with Aunt L and Uncle B's gift card.

Light saber wars. 

Playing with new and old bits of transportation, and a track.

After the Rain concert in GrammyGrampy's t-shirts.

Finally, soccer season is over.

All tuckered out.

Westley and I at trail workday at the Desoto Scout Trail.

Errr...Buttercup sticking her tongue in a fan...on a dare.

Little man performing a Random Act of Kindness. This year's big family Christmas gift was 24 days of RAOK. He's putting a Zaxby's gift care on a random car at Walgreens.

So that's how the skirt gets messed up every time I leave the house.

Happy New Year to all!