Monday, October 22, 2012

photo montage recap

Hi all! We are having a great year. This summer was super fun with our trip down to Florida. The kids got some time away from us and vice versa. We also got a lot of quality time together. The kids enjoyed camp with One World Adventure Co. Buttercup went on a 5 day backpacking trip with swimming, kayaking, water testing, camping etc. Westley enjoyed day camp with rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, crafts, and swimming.

This Fall, the Walrus, Westley, and I visited New York City again and spent time with the Page cousins up there as well. This Fall season is turning out spectacular as well. OH! THE COLORS! So nice. Remember to come visit us any time of year. This place is truly enchanted.

I'll try to do a photo montage recap for you here... Love to all! (blogger uploaded in no particular order so I'll try to caption as many as possible)

Click on photo for optional large-sized slide show.

Birthday lunch at Red Robin.

County Fair.

County Fair.

Showing some gymnastic techniques.

Moose and cousin.

2 boy cuties.


Having a nice dinner in Florida.

Cousin fun.

Near the pier on Florida trip.
Pier on Florida trip.

Pier on Florida trip.

Birthday fun.

Birthday cake.

Learning archery at Desoto State Park

Fun with our day at Down on the farm with pumpkin picking and other shenanigans.

Down on the Farm. 
Anticipating hayride.

Hayride at Down on the Farm.

Down on the Farm.

Picking pumpkins at Down on the Farm

We painted them! 
Down on the Farm.

Down on the Farm.

Down on the Farm. 
Big tub of love.

Jet skiing in Florida.

Family tree planks.

Family tree planks.

Family tree planks.

Holly, Shine, & Maggie.

Yay, Moose. Good to meet ya!

We got to spend good time with the Page cousins and met Shane. This is near a park in Queens.

Natural History museum.

Biking tour in Central Park.

Biking Central Park.

For a tip, you too can have your picture with Ironman.

Waiting for dinner somewhere (can't remember where) in Times Square.

Prospect Park.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn. 
Enjoying Prospect Park.

Buttercup got her braces off!