Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 breaths

She was only a year old.
She only made an entrance into our lives in September.
The end was painful but quick.
It was too soon.
I miss her already.
It's only been a few hours.
The house is too quiet without the shenanigans of a puppy about.
She was quite the cuddler and she loved to love.
She was fiercely protective of us and "her property."
She drove the older doggies nuts but gave them spunk.
One time she and Maggie got out at 2am and didn't return until 4am. They were drenched in skunk spray.
I can surely laugh about it now although I laughed about quite a bit then too.
Maggie and Halley bonded that night. 
She was smart and quick to learn.
I've never seen a dog run as fast as she. Aptly named after Halley's comet, I suppose.
She kept the squirrels away from the bird feeders.
It's time for her to nudge me in my hip so she can go out.
Later it will be time for her walk.
She would steal my shoes and knits (scarves, mittens, etc). She wouldn't chew them though. She would just bring them to her bed and sleep on them.
Except one time, just this week, she took a basket of yarn and strung it from end to end in a weavy tangled mess from the living room to the foyer. I still haven't untangled it.
She hated water but loved to hike.
She just learned a sit-stay.
She had so much energy and not enough ways to expend it all.
She made it into our hearts. There to stay.

RIP Halley. I love you and miss you dearly.

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